All I Want for Christmas is a Fresh Start

Apparently, an overwhelming majority of Christians pick Christmas as their favorite holiday.  While I understand their reasons (Jesus’ birth, overwhelming seasonal generosity), I just can’t agree.  I can’t get past the rampant materialism and people getting upset about the phrase “Happy Holidays” and the lack of Nativity scenes at the local public school.  Personally, I prefer Easter for its messages of hope and sacrifice.  Plus the Easter Bunny would totally take out Santa in a cage match.

My biggest complaint about Christmas this year is a completely personal one.  It is only adding to the feeling that I am totally overwhelmed by lots of little but taxing things.  Piles of mostly worthless material possessions that we can’t seem to get rid of, countless unfinished home improvement projects, a seemingly endless supply of housework, and a financial hole we’ve been stuck in for years.  None of these things individual are really that serious, but when all of them are put together, it adds up to an incredible weight crushing me beneath it.  My wife and I often joke that the best thing that could happen to us is if our house burned down and we could just start over from scratch.  Naturally, that would create  a host of new problems on its own, but the idea of some kind of relief is that appealling.

I’ve recently been motivated to get things in my life in order for the sake of my children and my wife’s and my mental stability, but every time I try to start, I end up frustrated with my lack of progress and give up without much of a fight.  I feel that with a clean slate, I could start being a more productive person, but at this point, I’m just not sure how to get there.

So Santa, this is my letter:  All I want for Christmas this year is a fresh start.  Love, Andy  (P.S.: I’ll even make homemade cookies if that will help persuade you.  With organic milk.  Please!)


3 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas is a Fresh Start

  1. While I totally agree with your whole idea here. There is one place that I would start and that is with your finances. Chrissy and I have had to dig our way out of a financial hole that seemed almost impossible as I like to start things and not finish them!. A friend offered a book called “My Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey and it started our long process of working out from underneath the financial strain. I personally like it because it is centered around self discipline and hard work…not a quick fix, scripturally based, and easy to follow. After reading the book, we enrolled a church in Rolla and took the Financial Peace University class and not only did it help our finances but also strengthened our marriage through many different avenues (talking together about our budget, setting the same goals, spending that time together going to the class, etc) and in fact I am currently finishing up teaching my second FPU class at our church in St. James. I would gladly love to get into OUR details with you about our situation and how everything transpired if you are interested.

    Have faith, things will get better!


    • Thanks for the comment. They have done FPU at my church a couple of times in the past, and it’s funny that you mention it because the sermon this morning was about finances (using Dave Ramsey’s material) and our pastor was encouraging people to enroll in a new session coming up soon. I’ve heard lots of good things about Dave Ramsey from friends of mine, so if I can work out the scheduling, I might look into it.

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