Going to Nicaragua (Part 4)

I’m getting my packing and prep done, and my flight leaves tomorrow morning. Here’s a last minute update about our trip:


just wanted to give you heads up, unseasonal heavy rains continue in NIcaragua, this may change our plans, if TUburus and Betil are flooded the communnity may have gone inland to high ground in which case we cant do our activities. but it would potentially give us opportunity to travel upriver farther than we usually go and visit some communnities that would normally be inaccessable by river. Everything works both ways. just pray for me as I travel tomorrow and do final prep in Nic.
have a good trip. on sat,


Thanks for your prayers and your support.  I may be able to update while I’m gone, but if not, I will when I get back.


One thought on “Going to Nicaragua (Part 4)

  1. Hey Andy,
    Thanks for setting up the spot. Looks like you’re back in Alambikamba, so we’re anxious to hear what all is going on.
    We’re praying for your safe return,
    In Christ,
    Ann Pearson

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