Suggestion Box

Any one who knows me can attest to the fact that I love editorializing. I have opinions on just about everything, and if I don’t have one, I’m pretty good at making one up on the spot. I also really love writing. It was these two reasons that prompted me to start this blog a little over a year ago. If you look back at my posts, however, you will notice a considerable gap in time with few or no posts at all. Part of this is due to life’s circumstances, part is my well-practiced laziness and procrastination, and part of it is simply a lack of ideas for things to write about.

This is where you come in. I need your help in coming up with some ideas of things to write about. Some things I can get worked up about and start a great conversation with. And yes, I just hung a preposition right out there. And I don’t care–trying to fit all of your prepositions into the middle of a sentence just makes you sound pretentious.

But getting back to my point–please leave your comments on some blog ideas. They could be about pop culture, theology, philosophy, sports, “religion”, or whatever. Like I said: if I don’t already have an opinion, I’ll make one up for the sake of debate.

Thank you for your help. Unless you don’t help, and in that case, thanks for nothing.


12 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. Consider a bone to have been thrown:
    1. Has this site always been called “The Armadillo?” If so, how did I miss that? If not, why the change?
    2. Please inform the masses that ending with a preposition is just fine (
    3. Have you seen a box of the little candy valentine’s hearts lately? They have phrases like “LOL” and “Drama Queen”. Even the one I thought was like the olden days actually said “My Girlz” instead of “My Girl”. Is 30 really that old?
    4. You could do a post on your eschatological views. Or some other completely esoteric theological term that would confuse the casual observer (though maybe not your average reader). More points for more pretentious sounding phrases.
    5. Speculate why, on the whole, the American Church has traded mission for comfort. Why do we not care?
    6. Rate best comedy movies (of all time) that involve knights seeking the Holy Grail.
    7. Anything against the prosperity gospel (lowercase “g’) is always good, in my book.
    8. If you’re into the whole conforming thing, you could always do a post on Pujols. You know, sky-is-falling type stuff.

    • Excellent suggestions. Some that would require a lot of work, and some I could throw together in a few minutes. Or should I say, a minuscule and negligible volume of time and effort. Is that pretentious sounding enough?

  2. 1. Unions – are they the anti-American dream?

    2. Why are we forced to learn things like calculus in school but nothing about real life issues like how to plan for retirement or the dangers of bad debt.

    Are pro ball players worth the millions they are paid? If not someone has to keep the money so would this mean the owners are? If still no and you opened a restaurant that was in such demand that thousands of people ate there every week at 100 bucks a plate, would the restaurant owner deserve the millions they would earn?

Please, share your thoughts. No, really, I'm begging you.

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