What’s Your Malfunction?

Anyone who has been to my house in a while is well aware of my personal shame: I have an unfinished home improvement project that is well into its fifth year.

Now, in my defense, it is a major project, and there are many complications that make it difficult for me to complete. But in the end, these are all just excuses. In some ways, this project is representative of a recurring theme in my life: my inability to follow through on or actually accomplish anything. It’s frustrating and humbling for me, and it is my malfunction.

That leads me to my question for today: What’s your malfunction?


One thought on “What’s Your Malfunction?

  1. Mine would most likely be my inability to ever feel fully satisfied with where I am in my life or the few, small, good things that I have. I always want something better or wonder if there IS something better instead of simply cherishing what is in front of me.

    However, on a side note I would like to state that what you’ve done for your daughters, which I can only imagine, is a huge accomplishment in itself.

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